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Me, a Woman, becoming bald?!!! Ain't gonna happen!

Hair it’s one of the things, which makes part of Woman's beauty. Normally, majority of Woman will pay or do whatever, to see her hair growing strong and healthy. When I became sick, the sickness had a negative impact in my hair. From having a strong, full and healthy hair, seeing diminished it like nothing, was a painful experience, I had to go through.

The area more affected was the front, I could see my scalp very clear in the mirror... Every time, I would go to the hairdresser (which happened to my Mum), she would style it in a way, that would cover the parts with less hair, especially in the front.

Do you identify, yourself doing this all the time or time and time again? Styling your hair in a way to cover those parts with less hair? Some of us, even use wig hair to cover our hair. However, I must say, not everyone uses it to cover the problems they have in regards to their hair, some uses because they like it.

I decided to do something different to sort out my hair problems. I realised that everything I was using in my hair was not having the effect I was looking for, even though I was sick. My desire, which became my goal was to grow my hair healthy and strong, however using different type and kind of products. Not chemicals! I thought, even when I started to improve in my health, I did not want my hair to become sometimes good and other times more or less. I wanted my hair to be constantly great.

And this it is not what we do, when we have a problem, look for solutions to resolve it? It was no use, for me to be sad or discourage about my un-healthy hair, because it was not going to resolve the problem. However, when I start to think on how to resolve the problem, I started to take actions.

Of course, I studied, did research, testing and trials. My hair became my guinea pig… Literally, I became a ‘’scientist’’ and my kitchen became a lab… I learned a lot about hairs and in all the processes, I learned that going natural was really but really good, however going organic I was going extra really good.

My hair did indeed grow and is growing healthy. As I was experimenting, testing I had to try as well organic. The minute I did try organic, my hair jumped from one stage to another upgrade stage and very quickly became more fuller, more strong and more healthy.

I concluded that going natural was good, but going organic was extra special. It is more then natural. It gives that extra beauty and health, which the hair needs. It makes it more appealing to continuing using. So, as you see, Me a Woman, becoming bald?!!! Ain’t going to happen!

So, I end up developing blending’s of organic essential oils and herbs, which has been working for my hair and I strongly believe it will work for you. You have a solution for your hair problem. Give it a goal, ManaPaula Hair Oils indeed will make the difference in your hair.

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